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A clean pipe smokes like new every time!

Simple Easy Cleaning_edited.jpg

1) Simply pull the mouthpiece and bowl off the pipe body to disassemble the pipe.
2) Using an isopropyl alcohol wipe, clean the interior of the pipe body by pushing the alcohol wipe through the pipe body using the mouthpiece rod assembly.
3) Allow a few seconds for the isopropyl alcohol to dry off and then reassembly the the pipe by sliding the bowl and mouthpiece onto the pipe body.

This quick and simple cleaning is recommended after every 3-5 bowls or after every smoking session.

Simple Easy Cleaning_edited.jpg

Screen Filter Replacement
The cleaning rod is used to remove and install the stainless steel filter screen on the bowl. Use the larger tip of the rod to push the filter screen out. The same large tip is also used to guide the screen into position to snap it in place.

Clearing Clogged Holes
The integrated cleaning rod is also used to clear the holes in the bowl and mouthpiece. Additionally, the cleaning rod can be unscrewed from the restrictor,accessing the small tip to clear the small holes on the restrictor.

Ballard Pipe - The coolest, smoothest, most flavorful smoke every time!

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