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The Innovative Ballard Pipe Difference

The One-Hitter Pipe Re-Imagined

Ballard Pipe incorporates all the best features of conventional pipes into a sleek modern pipe designed like no other. Our pipes feature a handcrafted borosilicate glass bowl for a clean tasty smoke, an ultrasonically-cleansed medical-grade anodized aluminum body for cooling and smoothing the smoke, and an ergonomic medical-grade mouthpiece that stays cool all the time.


Cooled Filtered Clean Tasty Smoke

Our patent pending innovative design effectively cools the smoke and delivers smooth hits similar to smoking out of a bong, in a small one-hitter sized pipe. This is achieved by strategic filter placement, abiding by heat transfer principles that effectively conduct the heat from the smoke. The screen filter placed behind the orifice of the bowl catches the ash and other particles that will otherwise end up in the body of the pipe, drastically reducing the cooling effect. Since the screen filter snaps in placed behind the orifice of the bowl instead of at the bottom of the bowl like most conventional pipes, the screen filters remains effective after multiple smoking sessions compared to conventional pipes where the screen fouls up just after a couple of bowls.


Easy Disassembly Leak-Free Pipe

The pipe disassembles with one swift pull exposing all the internal heat conducting surfaces. The internal surfaces can be easily wiped down with a paper towel, keeping the heat conducting surfaces clean and effective. This one-tug disassembly is achieved by precision machined running fits on the mating surfaces between the bowl, mouthpiece and the body. This precise fit allows the bowl and mouthpiece to be held securely and sealed to the body with just the compression of the o-rings. The uniform compression of the o-ring provides a leak-free draw for a satisfying hit!

With all these innovative features packed in to your Ballard Pipe, you can be assured of a  smooth, satisfying and clean tasting hit every time!

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