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Loading And Clearing The Bowl

Ballard Pipes are designed to enhance the flavor and taste of your favorite cannabis flowers. We recommend grinding the flowers to a uniform grind. Properly grinding the flowers will provide a uniform burn, allowing for a nice smooth draw.

The glass bowl should be packed tight but unrestricted during a test draw without igniting the flower.


The generous glass bowl holds about 0.25g of ground flower, more than enough for one huge hit or several smaller hits to share amongst friends.


Since the glass bowl is recessed and protected within the aluminum shell, the residual ash can be tapped out and cleaned without the risk of breaking the glass bowl. Tapping the ash out works well and consistently as long as all the herb and flower are fully consumed.

Cleaning Your Pipe

A cleaned pipe provides the most aromatics and taste from your favorite flowers and we recommend a quick clean after every session. Ballard Pipes are designed for easy disassembly with one simple tug. This exposes the internal surfaces that can easily be wiped off.

We recommend a quick wipe after every use as cleaning the pipe immediately after use makes cleaning the easiest as everything wipes right off. Continued use of the pipe without cleaning will still work but it deteriorates the taste and aromatics the less cleaning the pipe gets.

For a thorough cleaning, all the components in our pipe can be soaked and wiped down with 99% isopropyl alcohol and rinsed with water.


Screen Filter Replacement

The filter screen located behind the bowl orifice catches all the ash and burnt flower that will otherwise land up in the body of the pipe. Once the body of the pipe gets filled with ash and partially burnt particulates from the bowl, the cooling efficiency is drastically reduced, deteriorating the quality of the smoke. Hence, it is important that the screen filter is replaced as often as needed. The screen filters are easily replaced by pushing the used screen out with the poker attached to the mouthpiece. The new screen is installed by pushing and snapping the screen in place with the poker. Our screens are ultrasonically cleaned to remove all toxic contaminates that may be left from the manufacturing process to provide a clean natural taste.
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