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The Ultimate Outdoor Pipe - The Explorer -  Waterproof~Odorless~Discreet


Beautiful Flowers Should Only Be Enjoyed with The Very Best Pipes!

Introducing The Explorer. A waterproof, odorless and discreet one hitter pipe that provide a smooth, satisfying and clean tasty hit.  Our patent pending pipe incorporates all the desirable features of the ultimate outdoor one hitter pipe. It features a borosilicate glass bowl for a clean uncompromising taste; a medical grade anodized aluminum body that efficiently cools the smoke; and a comfortable ergonomic mouthpiece, to draw in all that smooth delightful goodness. When done, it caps off into a discreet common everyday object that is waterproof and completely odorless.


At 4.0in [102mm] in length, 0.61in [15.5mm] in diameter and weighing in at 0.7oz [20g], The Explorer is your perfect relaxation companion for where ever life takes you!


Why Compromise when you can have a Freshly Cleaned Pipe Every Time?

We love a nice green hit on a freshly cleaned pipe. Hence, we designed our pipes to literally disassemble with one-tug, exposing the internal surfaces of the pipe for a quick wipe down, providing a fresh clean pipe every time!



Using Your Ballard Pipe, Care and Maintenance


The Explorer - The Ultimate Outdoor Pipe

  • Each and every component of our pipe goes through a thorough cleaning process that uses high frequency sound waves to agitate the medical grade cleaning solution penetrating into the cracks and crevices ensuring that all the toxic contaminants such as oil, chemicals and dirt from the manufacturing process are removed.

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