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Your toke, your way!


The Exhilarator is a modern multi-functional bong that Fits Any 14mm Male Bowl, Banger, Nail, Vape, Joints and Blunts. It comes with all the adapters to enjoy your toke any way you like. Modular design allows for all the adapters to fit on the bong (Exhilarator) and the one-hitter pipes (Elemental and Explorer).


The Exhilarator is equipped with a multiple (26) hole diffuser that increases contact between the smoke and water, providing an exceptionally smooth toke. The entire bong is connected with orings and all components can be easliy taken apart, even down to the diffuser, for quick and easy cleaning. The Exhilarator is made of Medical Grade Anodized Aluminum with a Borosilicate Glass Body.


Included with the Exhilarator Bong

1 X Joint Holder Adapter

1 X 14mm Female Blunt Holder Adapter

10 Orings

100 Screen Filters


At 5.5inches [140mm] in height, 2in [51mm] in diameter and weighing in at 11oz [312g] (Dry Weight), this compact modern bong fit nicely in your hand and blends in well with all the other gadgets in your life. Discretion in plain sight!


Note: The 14mm Male Glass Banger and Glass Bowl are for depicting the  not included with the Exhilarator Bong.


Using Your Ballard Pipe, Care and Maintenance


The Exhilarator - The Multi-Functional Modern Bong

  • Each and every component of our pipe goes through a thorough cleaning process that uses high frequency sound waves to agitate the medical grade cleaning solution penetrating into the cracks and crevices ensuring that all the toxic contaminants such as oil, chemicals and dirt from the manufacturing process are removed.